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Wendy helped me to get myself out of a rut which I had continually failed on getting myself out of, she helped me to solve major issues in my life and rediscover my honour. I still have a long way to go but I couldn’t have made the first ... scratch that, 100 steps with out her. I gained a valued friend, a friend that is there to listen and give awesome advice and sound ideas. Wendy is a truly honourable person and a joy to know.

Thanks Alex

Wendy, I have to thank you for taking away my phobia. The work we did was fun and we had some laughs along the way but I'm not sure at what point I stopped feeling fear, and that's the really magical part.

Wendy, as an NLP master, I felt I should be able to sort out my issue by myself but was finding it impossible. After an hour and a half of your intuitive facilitation everything feels different. I followed most of what we did together, particularly the didactic bits but quite how you managed to achieve the major shift I wish I knew! Modelling excellence is what NLP is all about. The opportunity to watch you work has been a pleasure, Thank you.
Heather, Trainer and Coach

I've been at work, trying to keep up the motivation to get through the weekly spreadsheets! I drew out the wheel, and put in the usual categories that we had done. On the work front, I still feel at a 3. I think that any major change takes time, but I'm trying to find ways to keep motivated in the meantime!! I did spend a minute visualising being at the front of a classroom, and that helps to calm my thoughts!

Anyway, thank you for all of your time and support these past few weeks. It's certainly helped to identify areas of my life, and action plans to get things going.

Just thought I would give you some news. I have been given the job I wanted today so I am now a good rung up the ladder. There is a probation period of course so I will be doing my best to impress but it is definitely a situation I would not have found myself in without your support. Thanks once again for all your help, I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. Wendy, you are definitely a star!

I see Wendy as my personal battery charger and when I am running low I ring her and come away revitalised and raring to go. Do yourself a favour and ring her today.

Just a short note to let you know how I'm going! Shortly after we finished our sessions, the group I work in faced redundancies.....and I volunteered!!!! It's been accepted so I've effectively finished there! It's such a relief to know I won't have to do a job I don't enjoy any more! I applied for the part-time physiotherapy course in London and I've been accepted on that - I'll start Feb 07! Take care and thanks for helping me head in new directions!

I have got to know Wendy over the last couple of months and I can honestly say that she is an amazing listener and genuinely cares about people. On top of that she is extremely professional and knowledgeable.
Chris M

Thanks Wendy, I can't tell you what a positive step this is proving to be for me. This morning I find myself doing precisely the opposite of what I'd normally do. I've got a long way to go but together we are going in the right direction, of that I have no lingering doubts. Thank you. I already feel I'm embarking on a new chapter of my life and that life could be so much better!
Take care. Jon

Dear Wendy - Merry Christmas
Just a quick note to let you know that everything is going really well for me back in Oz. I say my affirmations everyday and I feel so strong and positive about being here and my future here. I have done really well with all my interviews for a nanny. And was able to negotiate for extras that nannies don't usually get out here. . . car and really good money! I went into the interviews with such a positive attitude. I start mid-Jan and am spending my time catching up with family and friends. Thank you so so much for all your help. What you have done for me has been amazing! Well this is short and sweet but will write a longer email in the New Year with more of what has been happening! Have a great Christmas. - love Loni x

I originally went to Wendy to stop smoking, but quickly found with her very open and gentle support and coaching skills that there were underlying issues to do with past experiences that had undermined my confidence and self belief, and hampered relationships. At the end of the sessions, I not only gave up smoking, but had a greater sense of belief, and an understanding of some of the “untruths” that I had believed true, and an ability to start to give myself more nurturing. It also results in a sea change in my relationship which almost completely stopped the conflicts that were happening. I know I will seek Wendy’s support and coaching again as this is part of a journey. Thank you so much Wendy for helping to make a sea change in my life.

I found Wendy to be a positive, passionate and caring lady. She has found her purpose in life and I am very confident that through that she will make a difference to those she gets to know. Thank you for your time Wendy.
Penny P

I was totally unbelieving when Wendy advised that the personal issues I had could be “knocked out” in 4 sessions. I thought I would be in sessions for months costing an absolute fortune as my problems seemed so big, large and heavy. But unbelieving me - Wendy was right and I was proved wrong after the 4th session just as Wendy said - I felt transformed lighter, brighter and was looking forward to what life was throwing at me rather than hiding away under the duvet.

Thank you Wendy you always said I would have got there myself but coming to you really did shortcut the whole process and I’m really loving my new life. Janice

Wendy is positive, engaging and easy to talk to. You can only gain by introducing yourself to her.
Steve D

Even a trained trainer of NLP finds it beneficial to have the opportunity to engage in coaching for themselves from time to time. The challenge I experienced was how to let go at a conscious level all that I know and rely upon in the context of coaching and training in order to give my unconscious mind the space it needs to integrate my own change and learnings of self. Wendy’s powerful intuition and talent as a coach allowed me to do just that.

Thank you Wendy for being such a gifted “tour guide”! In a very short time the discovery and shifts I have been able to make with your help has been a wonderful and very powerful journey in creating the success I want for my life, and most importantly the love and joy to savor every moment of it.

Kerry James - Consultant Trainer

I met Wendy through the local business meeting. She is always professional, fun and will light up any room. She is great to talk with and is brilliant at what she does. I am glad that Wendy plays a part somewhere in my life.
Michelle J

Every week I used to stare at the email stating that there were available appointments for Life Coaching sessions, wondering if I was a worthy cause enough to value these sessions or would I just be considered a waste of time, typical low self esteem qualities. Since I have seen Wendy my life has completely turned around for the better and now it seems that all the good things are happening to me instead of to someone else like in the past. Thank you Wendy for all that you have done you are a true blessing.

Best Wishes Alex

Wendy is a treasure, a genuinely nice person to know. She really cares about people and is always looking for ways to help others
Joan W

Since our meeting last year, things have really improved. When I came to see you, I was at a very low point as you know, having had a major bust-up with my husband shortly before. I was also struggling with several other issues including problems with food. Since then, I have taken stock of what is important to me and things are really starting to look up.

I have taken control of my eating problems and have lost over 2 stone in the process. I have made new friends who offer me support when I'm finding it difficult and this has been a big help. I have taken up exercising again which makes me feel great - really alive. I get my comfort from working out now, not pigging out. I also happen to really like the way I look now and I feel proud of myself for what I have achieved.

My husband and I are still working on things but I find that in the changes I have made, I no longer feel like the past is running my life. I am more in control, more independent and I feel stronger.

Thanks for your time and your support. Joy

Your words have proved quite prophetic with regards to a successful relationship and a budding career into management. I am all set to get some certifications in place (PRINCE2 & ITIL) which'll help me greatly in my chosen path of management, and I have a new relationship - she is a doctor and dependent on me until she can settle down in a job and it is important for me to give her the support and care she deserves.

I should be able to take stock of the situation in December and refocus on my short and long term goals. Many thanks to your coaching and several other NLP seminars and books that I picked up! You lot are just amazing. :-)

I'm so glad you have kept in touch.

Best regards. Vin

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience working with you. I was so impressed with your dedication and professionalism and how this has changed my life. I knew the time was right to make the commitment to change, and you helped me to turn this around. You should be very proud of your achievements and the ability to make a difference to people's lives. I cannot begin to relate to the satisfaction you must get from the final results knowing your job is done, seeing faces change, pain removed, and attitudes must tell it all.

I am now fully committed to continue with this good work, and look forward to the many doors that will open and opportunities to fulfill my life. Once again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, and all the very best for the future in your business and what life has to bring for you too.

Fondest wishes, Val