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Habits and Addictions

Habits and AddictionsFor your information a habit is:

  • A behaviour that is the result of an experience and is now performed almost automatically, i.e. out of your conscious awareness
  • Something that satisfies a need primary or secondary
  • Considered to be a behaviour over which the person has little/no control
  • Formed at the unconscious level and enacted outside of conscious awareness
  • very hard to shift consciously and much easier to deal with at the unconscious level.

We do all kinds of things that are habitual from, drinking, smoking, eating to nail biting, and twitching etc. all of which are programmes that we have set at the unconscious level for some reason (yep, back to that again). Interestingly for those of you out there who are now saying that nicotine and alcohol are in fact addictions rather than habits, you may be interested to know that there is no universally agreed definition for this word and one of the most commonly used descriptions is “an unhealthy habit”.

When I work with people wanting to give something severe like this up, I do a consultation session to see where the behaviour stems from and why, and from there assess what follow-up sessions are required to actually knock the behaviour out and install a more appropriate programme for the client. Very clean, very safe, and most importantly of all, very successful.

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