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Fears and Phobias

Feasr & PhobiasEver been afraid of something when you were not sure why??

Fear and pain are barometers of avoidance – they make us realise that we have a problem and need to choose to process it or not. … and that is a good thing!

FEAR is irrational and makes us irrational so we can’t always see the logical solution.

Humans are motivated by FEAR – False Expectation Appearing Real.

People work on different levels of fear, I have no issue with spiders one way or the other, one of my good friends isn’t keen on them however wouldn’t choose to be near one, her sister is white knuckle terrified and can’t be in the same room as one! Once it gets to that level, the fear becomes a PHOBIA – an intense fear triggered by a one-time event – which amazingly enough still serves a positive purpose at an unconscious level.

Once we look at how a person does the fear and what triggers it, we can change the association and even at the end identify what set that behaviour in the first place, often many years ago. Sometimes it can make life a whole lot easier to decide to let the fear go – and if it is appropriate for you to do so I can help.

The most important thing for us to know is that ALL FEELINGS ARE VALID – if you feel something it is real however it may not be true or good for you! Depression, anxiety, fear etc. are not bad/negative as they do teach us something about ourselves … if we want to understand the emotional reasons behind them …

Process the emotion and deal with the feeling!
There are ways to process these things whilst staying completely removed from the cause – why would anyone want to relive something that has had such a huge negative impact on their life. Let’s be kind to ourselves and just deal with the issues!

What will you gain from letting go of fear? Recognition is a great start and if you feel there is more to do please get in touch with us and see where some coaching can take you. Go on “Let us set you free”