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About Therapy

Definition: Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder

WLM Coaching TherapyWe all have things that bother us from physical ailments, to emotional problems, and sometimes we have no idea why. The key is often learning how to manage something to allow relief until you are ready to look at the root cause. There are many different types of therapy across many different cultures, belief systems and knowledge bases. The tools, which we use at WLM Coaching, are techniques from the NLP system, hypnosis and general questioning. These are huge subjects so in brief;

NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) is the study of how we work by connecting our communication verbal and non-verbal, our thought processes and patterns, and our behaviour. Science has shown that there is a definite mind/body connection and what we think does affect how we feel physically. In the world of NLP it is strongly believed by some that we create things at a physical level as a result of issues at an emotional level – back to the positive intent thing again i.e. allergies, asthma, eczema etc. are created behaviour that serve a purpose and when the time is right for a sufferer to change the behaviour they can (there is a whole lot more to this and if you would like to discuss, please contact us). We work with people who are ready to let go of things like that, and deal with habits such as smoking, over eating, nail biting, in the same way. We can all make those changes if we want to.

Hypnosis is purely an altered state. It is an amazing experience and there are a lot of myths about it which, put people off sometimes. Things like fear of being out of control, telling secrets, being made a fool of, etc. Well, I can assure you that the only person in control when you are in a state of hypnosis is you at the unconscious level, which is by far the best thing for you! Our unconscious mind is our silent partner if you like whose prime directive is to protect us so you couldn’t be in safer hands could you?! Everyone can be hypnotized and it is GREAT … very natural …. and probably one of the best ways to relax possible.

We all work to set patterns that we create at the unconscious level to dictate our behaviour in every situation that we may find ourselves in. As mentioned before, every pattern that we set is done so for an absolutely positive reason at the point we create it and over time it can promote inappropriate behaviour i.e. smoking, eating disorders, low self esteem. It can be hard to think that there can be a positive behind some things and I can assure you that there always is. If you would like to know more or discuss this, please get in touch and "Let us set you free".