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What happens if you get to the top of the ladder and seem to everyone else to be a success, only to find that this ladder is leaning against the wrong wall for you?

What Is Life Coaching?

What is Life CoachingIt is the use of goal setting and questioning techniques to motivate people to achieve their true potential, value themselves, and live life to it’s full potential.

How do you rate your:
Self-Esteem/ConfidenceMotivation/ SuccessRelationships/Self ImageStress

What are you afraid of? • Do you have any habits that you want to stop? • Do you live to work or work to live?

What Is A Life Coach?
We’re specialists in change. If you ask 100 Life Coaches what they do, you will more than likely get 100 different answers, because every Coach will have an individual approach whilst sharing the common goal of helping others to be motivated, raise their game or maybe even change direction in some area of their life.

What Kind Of People Use Life Coaches?
Anyone who wants to make the choice to improve himself or herself! Famous Coaching devotees include Madonna, Cherie Blair, and Tiger Woods, all of whom are not insignificant in their respective fields, which proves how Life Coaching is for everyone, even for those who many of us would already perceive to have “made it”.

How To Find The Right Coach For You:
Have a chat with them! Interview them, as you would any other service provider. The key to a good Life Coach is getting someone who “gets” you. Ask them about their training and whether they have a coach (all good coaches, are coached). The power comes from the person and most of us know quite quickly whom we do and don’t like, so go with your instincts.

Why & How It Works:
Sessions are geared totally to the client, around a structured programme to maintain focus on the objectives. There is no advice, counselling, or tuition given. The client sets the objectives, together the coach and client set the goals, and ultimately the client has to achieve the results for themselves. The nature of human beings means that we will only truly value what we have decided is important for ourselves.