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Relationships and Self Image

Very often how we see ourselves reflects in the relationships that we put ourselves into. If we have no value for ourselves, we allow others to treat us in a way that reflects that, often they say that childhood experiences follow us into adult hood and we replicate the situations i.e. children from alcoholic/abusive families can seek that out on some level in their own adult relationships when the time comes – mad though this may seem to us on a conscious level.

However we choose our friends and partners, we have to respect that everything is done to fulfill a positive need and if that behaviour that you are accepting now from someone else, or are doing now yourself to others has become unacceptable to you – change it!

You are in charge of your feelings and what you will and wont put up with.
You are in charge of how you behave around others.
You can make the changes to your life – Nobody else can.

You have the right to relationships on any level that are healthy, fulfilling and progressive – if you have issues with how you view yourself, how about starting with that relationship first?

You are the most important person in your life, until you are happy and content with whom you are, how can you be of benefit to others that you care about. We all have to like ourselves as a starting point to all other healthy relationships.

What will you gain from having the relationships in your life that you TRULY deserve? This is a great start and if you feel there is more to do please get in touch with us and see where some coaching can take you. Go on, “Let us set you free”.